Sunday, December 14, 2008

Current Fundraising Status

Hey all, it's been a bit since my last posting. Here is the status on fundraising:

The Sunday after Thanksgiving I spoke at Greensburg United Methodist Church in Martinsburg, WV and received $589 in personal offerings. Combined with Greensburg's congregation was one of my supporting churches from last time, Mt. Wesley UMC, who generously gave $1,000. Thank you Greensburg and Mt. Wesley!!

Later that day i drove back to Bowie, MD for a Wine and Cheese party held at the Weizel's house (my HS sunday school teacher and her husband) as a fundraiser with matching funds up to $1600. We met our match by the end of the week with a grand total of $3200! Thank you everyone at Trinity Lutheran for your support!!

As of late, I have been giving Christmas cards with any donation of $10 or more as a side fundraiser for the holiday season. So far I have made $280 from the cards alone. Not bad,eh? Thanks to all who have participated. If you would like to have a card, the pictures of the cards are on Facebook and are on display at Zen Clay Cafe in Morgantown,WV. If you are unable to go to Zen Clay, but you want a card sent to someone for the holidays, send a check made out to Nuru International to the address in the last blog (not the address on the right because it won't be highlighted as a holiday card donation). Along with the check you should include the address of the person you want the card to get to and I will personally send it out to them.

In individual donations I have made over $700. Thank you!