Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection on Be Hope To Her

Here's an inspirational piece (written in collaboration by Nuru Media) on what it means to “Be Hope to Her”:

The daily need.
Shared by all,

Cracked dry as dust.
Inescapable thirst.

Here the dividing line is drawn.
The hemispheric separation
Of faucet and family:
The many muddy miles to fill your child’s cup
A never-ending necessity.

With salted brow and weary step
As duty leads the way,
Her journey--no stranger,
The miles--no friend,
She traverses day by day

Toiling without a passing nod.
In torrid heat, dark-red-earth-sod.
Though urban streets and crowded quads:
With her, we walk.

We will walk.
Boldly, step upon rugged step,
To advocate for the millions bearing the load,
Gallon after gallon along that road.

With yellow buckets
Our makeshift crowns,
Today we walk for her.

Enduring weight
For justice’s sake,
Bringing change to her

Together in stride.
Her future our pride.
We will walk,
And be hope
To her

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be Hope To Her (B H2o+) Video

This video is only 1 min, 27 secs long. Check it out.

We Will Walk from BH2O+ on Vimeo.