Friday, January 26, 2007


Yes, I am accepted into AIM now!! However, I do not have an assignment yet.
I am excited about going and look forward to getting my assignment. When I find out where I'm going and what I'm doing I will be sending out letters and setting up presentations so that I can raise the money to go to wherever I am sent. I thank people for their prayers concerning the raising of salary.

Monday, January 15, 2007

consider the lillies...

Lately I have been wondering if I should minimize my term to six months. The thought of raising $15,000 might as well be $1 million billion dollars in my eyes! Although, God does say consider the lillies and all their beauty; and look at the sparrows that are only worth 2 for a penny, they never toil or sow; and yet we are cared for mor than these. What I need to do, whether I go for 6 month or a year, is stop worrying.
Today, after church a couple that I have never met before asked me about my "i africa africa" shirt. They asked if I had been to Africa, and so I told them I had and that I was currently preparing to go back, except to East africa and that I need to raise my own funds. They said that they'd be glad to help me out and that I should keep them informed! So, there you go--lillies! Everything will be taken care of and I need not stress.

side note- another funny thing that happened at church today was what I said to the pastor from my church at home, who never remembers my name, and for the hundredth time was apologizing after service. I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" last night and it was still fresh in the mind, so I told him "remember meghan, which means precious gift from God, coming from the greek word "mega", so, "mega" or "omega", God--Meghan... so there you go, its greek!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This weekend I had an interview with the regional recruiter for Africa Inland Mission. We have spoken before, but this was the official interview. We'll see what happens. I'm not sure if all my references are in yet. Then I'll find out exactly where I'm going...

Friday, January 5, 2007

The new year begins!

Well, the Christmas season has come and gone again. People are paying their credit card bills for all those precious gifts that I'm sure everyone loved and appreciated. riight.
I have trouble enjoying the whole Christmas spirit, in fact I tend to forget it exists for the most part because I am oblivious to the chaos, except when I walk into any Wal-mart or engage in random small talk. It is then that everyone is embracing the birth of Jesus with a swift wave of the Visa...dna dna dnaaa.... CHARGE!!! Yeah, that is exactly what God was thinking when he became flesh in the form of a vulnerable baby human. I know this all sounds soo sarcastic, but I can't help but express my feelings on the subject. Of course, its not like I didn't over spend my budget in any way (which is not hard to do)... my family would cry if I didn't buy something. However, I do not get lost in the rush. The internet is a wonderful place and so is working at a store over Christmas. click and click...I've helped women and children in Uganda and got presents for my Mom and sister. Work for two weekends at the Outfitter in Harper's Ferry and BAM!, my Dad 's presents are bought, at an employee discount. My Friends? and they have given schooling and medical care to people in developing countries. As for everyone else, while I was getting orange juice at the Grocery store, I happened upon a display of Christmas cards for buy one box get one box free. All together I probably spent an hour worrying about the consumerism side of Christmas.
Still, I had trouble focusing on the REAL part of Christmas. I don't why, but this year came and went, and left without saying hello or goodbye. It saddens me for it to be that way. I feel like, at Christmas, I should be in awe of all that God has brought to us and what Christ endured to be our sacrifice. This year, was weird. Although, there were the little things that made me think about the real Christmas. It sounds lame, but at First Baptist in Martinsburg, I received a little devotional booklet that has 30 days, and loved it! Another little thing was on Christmas day I had a dream that my Grandma was alive for a day and we talked about her childhood in Guatemala the whole time. It was a great present. How did she know that's what I was asking for for Christmas?
So, that's the end of my shpeel for now, and for all who read this, feel free to comment on this post. Maybe you feel differently, maybe you can add to my opinion.