Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organic Farm in Kiberia

I know I know! I haven't blogged in almost a month and now I've done 3 in one day!!! Don't get overwhelmed, you have a month to read through them! Haha!

This link is to a BBC slideshow that also has commentary by the founder of the self-help group for the organic garden. Pretty pictures and interesting thoughts on organic farming in Africa's largest slum, which is located inside of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya:

Kiberia being cleared for low-income housing

I was reading the BBC, Africa and found the front page news to be that Odinga is clearing everyone (1 MILLION people) out of the largest slum in sub-saharan Africa, Kiberia, Kenya to make room for low-income housing. I'm still processing my thoughts on this one. Part of me feels like this is a good thing, to reduce crime and improve the lives of the people who live in Kiberia; however, on the personal side, generations of families have raised their children in those shacks. Although they may be shacks, they were called home to over a million people. Food for thought. Read the article by clicking the link below:

Campus Reps, Birthdays, and America

Now that I'm back in the US of A, I am working with Derek and Billy on the Grassroots Movement Team, along with some excellent volunteers. My main job right now is connecting with students on university campuses to join in the fight against extreme poverty by volunteering their time on campus. We are getting geared up for some very important dates this fall: Oct 1st and Nov 1st. On Oct 1st we are launching the new website and also celebrating Nuru's 1yr anniversary and all the achievements that go along with it. Nov. 1st is the launch of the I AM NURU Campaign, which allows people to lift a family in Kenya out of extreme poverty over the course of 5 yrs. by paying $28/mo. If you are interesting throwing a party with a purpose for either of those dates--or both--email me to find out details. Last year's party with a purpose here in Morgantown was an amazing success. If you are interested in the I AM NURU Campaign, click on the Nuru website link to the right on Nov 1st for details.

Secondly, tomorrow is my birthday. Last year my friends in the counseling department threw me a surprise party in our Human Development class, with cupcakes and soda-- very sweet. That night a bunch of friends celebrated Mine and my friend Tara's birthday (today) at a Mediterranean restaurant.

This year, I would like everyone to donate to Nuru via the Facebook cause page:

I'm asking everyone to donate $10 to collectively get $200. So far we have raised $120 since last week when I set it up. $80 more bucks and we're there!

America is an interesting place to get used to the land of individualism and relational sterilization. But I'm slowly getting used to it, so that's good. This Friday I'm headed to the Paraguay consulate to get a visa for a business trip at the beginning of October. Fun rides on the metro in my future.