Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paypal now available

Today I created a paypal account for those of you who are internet saavy and would like to support me online. Just click on the "Make a donation button." For those of you reading, I thank you for just reading my blog. As you probably know I have to raise my salary for the year in Uganda. The donations are tax deductable to Africa Inland Mission, the organization with whom I am going. My goal is to get at least 50 people to make a pledge of $25 a month or more to make the minimum of $15,000 that I must raise to pay for the airfare, housing, food, etc.
I promise, none of the money goes to personal pleasure, although it would buy a sweet road bike-- am I right Lance? Just kidding... I do need to save/raise money on top of that to pay my fixed costs such as a car payment and student loans. Currently, I'm looking into deferring my loans and if anyone wants a car for a year, you can take over my payments and have a sweet ride for 11 1/2 months. So, I am trying my best to do what a girl's gotta do to not ask for support for my long-term bills.
p.s. I will LOVE one-time donations too! and much prayer!

CD coming out

After a week and a half of toiling over my laptop after work, I have made a promotional CD for my trip to Sudan. Keep your eyes peeled if you are on my address list because one might be coming your way! I used the background music of the Killers' song "All the things that I've done." and have a pictoral story that takes you through Sudan, including pictures of child soldiers, ex-child soldiers, and school children. My hope is that the viewers of the CD will better understand why I am going and want to be part of my journey.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

more info on my post

The newest info is that I will probably leave at the end of the summer/beginning of the school year and I will be teaching little kids, probably elementary age, which is what I do now. I really like that age, especially 3rd through 5th, which is the grades that I work with as a guidance counselor. At this age group they still want to learn, but they are also fun and understand a little bit of sarcasm. Another job that I might be doing is working in the office of a program that helps youths who live on the streets in Kampala ( the capital of Uganda). So, that's all the info I have for now. My contact person is currently communicating with the program in Uganda, to see what their greatest need is for me to be doing. And, they are talking to another girl whom I might be partnered up with there for the year. I guess she's still deciding if she wants to do it, and hey, I can't blame her...its a lot of money to raise! If I had the money, I'd leave tomorrow, but until I become famous or become best friends with Oprah, I'll be waiting for the support of 50 to 100 of my closest friends!