Thursday, August 30, 2007

Leaving today

1.)This is my orientation group. We all were going different places, but of one mind. From the left: Me, Steve and Jamie, Sara, and Charlie.
2.)This is part of our AIM "A" team. From the left: Melissa, Miriam, and Kara.
3.)Voila la luggage!! I have 3 50lb. pieces and one backpack. Matching bags compliments of my Dad. One of the 50lb. bags is all school supplies compliments of Trinity Lutheran of Bowie; and 1 bag is all toiletries for the year; and the last bag is everything else you can think of that you need for a year-- everything except a tent! Hello airport customs!!

I am packed and ready to go. I have just a few more phone calls to make and I'm off to the airport. The next time you hear from me, I'll either be in Uganda or maybe even Sudan. Please, pray for a safe flight and that my baggage doesn't get lost or stolen-- and that we have blue skies. Everyone-- I will miss you and I hope you keep in touch. As much as I can, I will be posting a journal. write ya later...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Left home

Well everyone, I have officially left home en route to Sudan. As of right now I am in New York for orientation and on the 30th I'll fly out to London, then Uganda, where I'll be until September 4th, and then to Ikotos, Sudan. I feel pretty good about going. Its crazy, but I feel very at peace about leaving-- even though I'm having to say good-bye to family and friends. I know that I am supposed to be in Sudan for this year, I've known it since I was laying under my little 10'x10' plastic tarp out in Davis, WV and its coming to fruition. Thank you all for helping that happen. I'm sure that the people of Ikotos thank you too. I'm not too nervous, if you're wondering, but instead, I'm jsut looking forward to being there and getting settled. It hasn't quite hit me yet-- the reality of being gone for so long. It will eventually, and you all will know about it when it does. Thank you all for your support and prayers. I will be keeping you updated as much as possible.

Today was an easy day. Just a day to relax here at the headquarters. I had tea-time with the staff, swang on a swing for exercise, while talknig on the phone, and walked along a garden path through the trees. Today was nice-- even the train ride (though a hectic start). Tomorrow's the start of orientation. Cheers.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Outfitter AT Harper's Ferry

Yesterday, I drove to West Virginia to say good-bye to a lot of people. Monday is bye-day-- when I leave for Newark,NJ for a few days. I first met with my friend and former professor, Sonya, and then had lunch with my old friend Karen, who is now a professor at Shepherd (where we went to school). Then, I had a short visit with a few people at Potomack Intermediate. Later, I met with my friends Ron and Laura.
Ron and Laura from the Outfitter AT Harper's Ferry took me out to dinner and also "gear'd me up" for Sudan. Generously, they provided me with a lot of the essentials-- including a sleeping bag, treated bed net, sun hat, eco-mesh shirt, etc. Thanks guys! To check out the Outfitter website, click on the link in the box to the right.

The last visit was with the Franklins in Charles Town to show off all my fun stuff from the Outfitter, and then back home. So, yeah, I'm tired today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Steripen for clean water

Today, the Steripen company has agreed to send me a free Steripen in exchange I will let them know how it held up in Sudan, along with sending pictures. Steripen is a UV lamp that kills viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA, which then will not be able to reproduce in your body and make you sick. So, you stick the Steripen lamp in your Nalgene bottle or some 1-liter bottle and turn the lamp on and swirl the water with it. The UV rays break down the DNA in seconds. The Steripen should last up to 1250 gallons per UV lamp, so I only need one. The Adventurer model runs on rechargeable CR123 batteries fits into a solar charger as a case to protect the Steripen when not in use and recharges the batteries. The Steripen company is sending me the Adventurer, and solar charger, and 2 sets of rechargeable batteries. Thanks Ed and the Steripen team!

To check out their website go to: I also have the link on the side bar to the right.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

3 weeks left

If you are a regular checker of my blog, I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a couple of weeks. There is not much to report as of late. I have been working in Harper's Ferry and recently I have moved out of my townhouse and live with a family on their farm. My life consists of working, driving to my parents in a desparate effort try to organize my stuff, and then enjoy time with my family and friends. So, you see its not remarkable just yet. As far as emotions go, I'm excited about going, but a little fatigued from all the preparations. Thank you for keeping up and stay tuned for when the entries get interesting.