Friday, October 2, 2009

Naval Academy Article about Nuru International

Click this link to read about how Nuru's founder and ex-Marine, Jake Harriman, fights terrorism with seed and fertilizer!

Great article about Nuru written in Shipmate, the NA's magazine. Its exciting to see the different places we get press.

Jake was in Morgantown,WV this week for the first time in awhile (he mostly splits his time between Kenya and California), so it was nice to get to see him for a bit.

On Tuesday, I leave for Paraguay in South America with Nicole Scott, our partnerships Director, to check out a project called Teach A Man To Fish. We'll be there for 9 days (gone total for 11) to see if their most successful project, a self-sustainable high school, is something we can do in Kenya and possibly on other projects. I'll keep you all posted on how that goes and give more info. then.


dessertratt said...

There are no Ex-Marines!
Marines are always Marines.
Semper Fi!

Laura said...

Thanks for posting all the links that i leave a trail of!! any little bit can help right....!

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